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  Mission Statement

Shuren-Ribet is a K-12 private school in the Tongzhou District of Beijing devoted to providing students, both expatriate and Chinese, with a high quality, internationally-minded education, which will prepare them to make a successful  transition to both domestic institutions and to international schools and universities abroad.


We envision creating an environment, in conjunction with all stakeholders:

  • in which student learning is the focal point of all our decisions and all we do;
  • in which the love of learning becomes a life-long passion;
  • in which no learner "falls through the cracks" and all students make consistent academic, social, ethical, and physical progress;
  • in which deep and meaningful life-long relationships are established;
  • in which love for one's own culture and country is strongly promoted and respect for other cultures is also encouraged;
  • in which learners are willing to take appropriate risks and responsibility for their own learning;
  • in which teachers and administrators are models of learning and appropriate conduct;
  • in which learners are well-prepared for transfer to international or domestic institutions of learning;
  • in which tangible results of learning are gathered, processed, interpreted, publicized, and used in order to increase future learning.


  1. Discussions and actions related to student learning will dominate faculty and leadership meetings. We always ask, "How does this affect student learning?"
  2. Our mission, vision, and principles will be referred to often, and we will actively consider whether our direction is in accord with them.
  3. Appropriate forms of data will be gathered regularly and used to foster student learning.
  4. Transdisciplinary skills such as writing, reading, use of technology, ethical behavior, etc. will be taught across grade levels and subject specializations.
  5. We will constantly ask, "How can I meet the needs of each and every child under my stewardship?"
  6. We will be constantly in the process of analyzing and improving the bilingual nature of the programs within our school.
  7. Collaboration is an essential component of our success. We will promote meaningful collaboration and professional collegiality at all times.



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