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  The Intensive ESL (IESL) Program of the American High School

Many of our students come to us in need of supplemental English learning and training in order to be successful in a regular program class using a U.S.-based curriculum. Ultimately, student learning success is at the core of all we do. For that reason, we have established our Intensive English Program (IESL) in the American High School. The program is designed to prepare students, as quickly as feasible, for entry into regular program classrooms.

Students in IESL will receive five classes per day in ESL. Students may “graduate” from the program when they reach a suitable proficiency for success. The timeframe for transitioning from IESL into the regular program varies according to the desire, work ethic, and initial English level of the student.

It is important to remember, that this program is remedial—that is, it is a preparation course. STUDENTS DO NOT EARN HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT WHILE ATTENDING. It is also important to understand that forgoing IESL will slow down student progress in the long term. Students must have a proper language base or they cannot achieve under the demands of a full English curriculum.

Procedure: Students will be tested upon admission. In most cases, students will be advised as to their status soon after the test. However, in some cases, they may be observed for up to two weeks before a final determination is made as to their IESL status.



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