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  American High School

High School (grade 9-12)

The American High School prepares students for further education in the United States (or other major English speaking countries). Here we teach an American curriculum that exceeds standards required by most major universities. A strong emphasis is placed on Chinese language and culture for both domestic and international students. This very individualized curriculum as well as their experience in China will benefit them for a lifetime in their language abilities and cultural understanding. English learners are provided a strong ESL support program to help them transition smoothly into the full curriculum.

College counseling is provided by our Principal. A detailed record is kept on grades, standardized scores, behavioral reports and attendance records for each student. When the student is ready for graduation, this record is then used along with a letter of recommendation and other documents for student's application for further education.


• Honors Diploma – 27-28 Credits
If a student completes all BSRPS requirements, accumulates a minimum 3.50 Grade Point Average, and completes the portfolio requirement, and completes an additional science and social studies, art and humanities elective, he/she will receive an Honors Diploma.

• Advanced Diploma – 25-26 Credits
A student may earn an Advanced Diploma by completing all BSRPS requirements including a portfolio, and maintaining a 3.0 GPA.  An additional science and social studies, arts and humanities elective are required.

• Standard Diploma – 23-24 Credits
If a student completes all of the BSRPS requirements and passes the proficiency tests, he/she will receive a Standard Diploma.



Requirements for Students

Matriculation to the next grade level is based on credits earned, not years in attendance. Students will be reclassified by the eighteenth day of the first semester.


In order to be classified as a(n):

A student must earn a minimum of :

Freshman (Grade 9)

0.0 credits

Sophomore (Grade 10)

6.0 credits

Junior (Grade 11)

12.0 credits

Senior (Grade 12)

18.0 credits


23.0 credits

Parents should expect to receive correspondence regarding their child’s academic status each year. Parents should call the BSRPS administrative office if they have any questions about their grade level classification.


What kind of work do I want to do after high school? I am interested in the following career cluster:

____ Arts/Humanities

____ Human Resources

____ Business/Management

____ Natural Resources

____ Health Services

____ Technology/Industry

What is my goal after graduation? My plans after high school may include the following:

____ Apprenticeship

____ University/Four-Year College

____ Technical/Trade School

____ Military Service

____ Community/Two-Year College

____ Work

What kind of classes do I need to take in high school to be prepared for my goal? I am interested in the following school pathway:

____ Trade/Technical/Work

____ College Prep

____ Advanced Diploma

____ Honors Diploma



Grade 9
____ English
____ Algebra 1
____ General Science
____ PE/The Arts
____ Civics/Economics
____ World Language
____ Elective

Grade 10
____ English
____ Geometry
____ Biology
____ PE/The Arts
____ American History
____ World Language
____ Elective

Grade 11
____ English
____ Quantitative Analysis/Stats
____ Chemistry
____ Elective
____ World History
____ World Language
____ Elective

Grade 12
____ English
____ Algebra 2/Pre-Cal
____ Physics
____ PE/The Arts
____ 20th Century History
____ World Language
____ Elective


It is strongly recommended that students wishing to attend university in the U.S. take the Pre- Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) in their 10th grade year—probably during the spring or summer vacation.  Additionally, 11th grade students should plan on taking the SAT or ACT during the autumn of their junior year.

For some of our students the TOEFL or TOEIC tests may be required.  Again these tests should be taken early in the junior year.



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