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  Primary & Middle School

Kindergarten (ages 3-6)

Our kindergarten aims to provide students with a healthy environment to discover and grow, as they develop their character and gain the skills for further learning, with an outstanding language, scientific, artistic and cultural setting. Not only do our students walk away with knowledge in writing, math, English and science, they also paint, dance, play the piano, create arts and crafts, study sinology, the use of an abacus and Taekwondo, and participate in various outdoor activities as well as performances.

Elementary School (grades 1-6)

Various activities in the elementary are designed to inspire interest in learning, enabling students to acquire the ability and skills to become life long learners and to take initiative. In addition to the core curriculum, extracurricular learning is just as important. This would include Ethics and Values, sinology, art, calligraphy, dance, choir, Taekwondo, ping pong, rollerblading, and annual book and art festivals. Students are provided numerous opportunities throughout the school year to express their artistic abilities and share their cultural talents with friends from around the world, both on campus, off campus, and overseas. We value global education and the benefits of language abilities as an essential tool of the new century, and have a fifteen year long history of participation in international cultural and academic exchange programs.

Middle School (grades 7 and 8)

The middle school teaches a bilingual curriculum that is the continuation of the elementary school curriculum. Graduates may choose to go to our American high school or any Chinese high school. Students are provided the opportunity to enroll in several American high school courses if student level allows. Our middle school curriculum serves to prepare students for our all American high school.


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