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  Tuition Fee

Kindergarten(Boarding )

1 st – 6 th Grade

7 th – 9 th Grade


11800 RMB

28500 RMB

29500 RMB

Room & Board

3500 RMB

4800 RMB

5000 RMB


3300 RMB

4200 RMB

5000 RMB

Total 18600 RMB (Per Semester) 37500 RMB (Per Semester) 39500 RMB (Per Semester)

American High School (Per School Year)


64000 RMB

Registration/Management Fees

19000 RMB

Room & Board (Mon. – Fri.) 14000 RMB
Meals 12000 RMB
Textbooks 5500 RMB
Incidental Expenses 2000 RMB
Activity Fee 1500 RMB
Uniform 1500 RMB
Total 119500 RMB (Per Year)

* Additional Fees

a. Weekend room and board is an additional RMB 9000 per school year.
b. Application Fees: RMB 400.
c.Uniform:1800RMB per school Year;Balance adjusted at the end of each semester based on
 actual purchase.
d. School bus fee: 600 RMB per semester

*Annual amounts unless stated otherwise

•  A 20% Tuition deposit is required to reserve a place for the student. The balance of payment should be made before the first day of school. At the end of a 14 day grace period, a 100 RMB penalty is charged, and the student is excluded from class until fees have been paid in full. 80% of the tuition is refundable for transfer student in good standing; the refundable amount is pro-rated based on the total number of weeks the student is enrolled.

•  Family discount of 5% tuition is available for a second child and 7.5% for the third child and more.

Tuition includes 3 meals and 2 snacks per day for day students, and 3 meals and 3 snacks per day for students who board.

Transportation cost per month covers a Monday – Friday shuttle from the CBD area to and from the school. Please refer to the bus schedule for more detail.


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