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  Principal's Message
Mr. Kevin Blissett
  Acting Principal

Dear students and parents,

Here at Beijing Shuren Ribet Private School, the main focus of our faculty and staff members revolves around student learning and growth. The way in which our curriculum has been developed from kindergarten through twelfth grade helps students transition smoothly from a predominantly Chinese curriculum to one that is American by the time students reach high school. The bicultural element of our school help both Chinese and international students adapt to the Chinese and American language and culture, developing a deep understand that would otherwise be impossible at either a purely Chinese school or International school. Our small class sizes allows for the individual attention and support students need during such a transitional period in terms of language and culture, further insuring students’ success in learning.

In addition to our unique curriculum design, the Shuren Ribet culture also places a number of qualities and dispositions of utmost importance in students’ character building. In preparation for students’ future success, our goal is to also help students find their values and passion, which are both key ingredients to success in any field in an largely unpredictable future.
Thank you for your interest and support in Beijing Shuren Ribet Private School, and welcome to the Shuren Ribet community!

Sincerely yours,
Nancy Zhou


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